Monthly Archives: November 2015

Composting at a Community Garden

We’ve been collaborating with the good folks with Grow Reno who help manage the Paradise Park Community Garden (as well as Reno’s Food Not Bombs) and use a good portion of the green waste we collect each week.

RRR.Paradise Park Compost1

They’ve got four active piles and are doing the good, hard work to build super soil for the garden and the scores of residents who utilize the plots.

RRR.Paradise Park Compost2

Here’s a link to article in Edible Reno Tahoe Magazine with details about the garden from a few years back.


One Ton Collected!

Sometime on the cold morning of November 4th we passed our first ton of green waste collected! This means that over 2000 pounds of mostly vegetables has been diverted from the landfill and is on its way to becoming soil-enriching, nutrient-packed, plant-nurturing, water-holding compost that will help grow more great local food.

Each week collect over 400 pounds of green waste.  That’s nearly one ton every month.