Composting Conference!

I learned about the US Composting Council’s annual conference just a month ago after speaking with the city of Burbank, CA’s recycling manager.  I applied for a scholarship to attend and lo and behold, I got one!  Jacksonville, here I come.

The area I’ll be focusing on is Community Composting  which is exactly what the RRR are doing!  I look forward to networking and picking the brains of much more established community composters on how to grow successfully.  More info below:

Community Composter Forum and Workshop

This year COMPOST2016 will feature a Cultivating Community Composting Forum, as well as a half-day Best Practices in Community Composting Workshop. The Cultivating Community Composting Forum 2016 is the third national forum sponsored by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and BioCycle.

The goals of the Forum are to:

  • Foster greater interconnection between community/small-scale/urban composters and the USCC membership/conference attendees
  • Show how community-scale composting fits in and complements the larger composting industry
  • Showcase the variety of models and innovative ideas that are growing from the ground up

The Workshop and Forum will bring together composters to network, share best practices, and build support for community-scale composting systems and enterprises.


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