Growing the RRR

Can you imagine if Reno were the first city to support and embrace a holistic bike-powered composting & green waste collection service?  It would be big news and put Reno at the forefront of innovative and creative climate action.  What would hundreds of compost-toting cyclists coursing the streets of our city do for bike culture and for what we perceive as possible with bikes, simpler solutions, and community action?

We are passionate about transforming Reno’s waste paradigm to benefit people and planet. And, we would love help developing the composting network of Reno.

Below we list our goals and vision for next steps.  But right now, our single greatest need is more places at which to compost or drop off green waste.  The more locations we have, the more we can grow this important work.

If you are a gardener, run a community garden program or a school garden, or just want to make compost to share with the world and would welcome a 32-gallon bin of green waste each week, please contact us!


Our goals are many:

  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the landfill and in the carting of waste
  • To build the local economy with healthy, meaningful work
  • To support local and urban farming and community gardening
  • To create a worker’s cooperative that empowers citizens and offers an alternative business model and to employ marginalized populations (youth aging out of foster care, the formerly incarcerated, people of color…)
  • To support Reno Parks and Public Works in going pesticide-free
  • To foster connection between people and planet
  • To support climate work more broadly in Reno through a successful “climate crisis-oriented” project
  • To build bridges between nonprofits and local government to facilitate the Big Work that needs doing
  • To enhance bike culture and stretch the boundaries of what people think is possible with bikes
  • To educate children and adults about composting and facilitate composting at schools and homes

Next Steps

  • To grow the RRR by adding loops throughout the city with decentralized composting sites at residences, community gardens, parks, and vacant land
  • To expand into residential pick-up
  • To create a central composting station to handle deliveries and large single-source inputs
  • To establish a democratic worker’s cooperative

Even More…

Precedents  There are several successful bike-powered compost (and even trash and recycling) operations throughout the country.  We draw our inspiration from the Pedal People of Northampton, MA, the Compost Pedallers of Austin, TX, the original Rot Riders of Truman State University in northeast  MO, and ReSoil Sacramento.

What about Waste Laws?  Waste Management currently has the one contract on solid waste and recycling collection in Reno through 2027.  Green waste is in another category and while WM has the option to collect it, they only do so in a limited capacity and reluctantly as of now.  To us, this is a great opportunity to develop a vibrant and local green (waste) economy.