For Homes (Now Taking Sign Ups!)

  • Reliable & Regular service with a smile, on a bike
  • A 4-gallon bucket and lid, collected and cleaned each week
  • A partner in local food, climate, soil-building, bike culture…action
  • Educational opportunities through our community outreach programs
  • An eye-catching sign to stick in your yard, porch, door, car…that says “We Compost!” (see above)
  • Rewards perks from local businesses that partner with the Reno Rot Riders (think free yoga classes, discounts of a cup of coffee…) as we develop this program
  • Finished compost for your gardens and plants once/year based on how much waste we’ve collected from you
  • Please note that we can only service an area once we have enough sign ups to merit creating a loop.  So, please tell your neighbors!

Residential Rate:

Base Plan:  $18/month for a once/week pickup.  One 4 gallon container with lid included.

Sign Up Form


For Businesses

  • Reliable & regular service with a smile, on a bike
  • User-friendly containers to meet your composting needs
  • Weekly pick up where we replace your full containers with clean onesRRR.wecompostsignweb
  • The knowledge that you are contributing to a more beautiful, just, and life-sustaining future for Reno and the world through the miracles of composting
  • Your logo & company description on our website
  • An eye-catching sign to display at your business touting your commitment to the environment, climate action, and your partnership with the Rot Riders
  • Opportunities to participate in promotional events at your business or in the community


Base Plan:  $50/month for once-a-week pick up.  This includes two 21-gallon bins for your restaurant.  Each additional bin is $15/month.  Only need one bin?  We can do that for $25/month.RRR.orbisbin

Our bins are high quality, roll-able and latch-able.

We’ll work with you to design a program that meets the needs of your restaurant.  Contact us to set up a consultation.

Other Businesses:

Shredded Paper?  Coffee Grounds?  Flexible plans are available to meet your needs – call for a consultation



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