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We welcome the Great Basin Community Coop as our newest composting partner. The Coop has been the driving force for local and organic food in Reno for the last decade and we are proud to be working with them to improve soils, promote food growing, and sequester carbon.  Woo-hoo!


The RRR is a compost recycling program that collects organic waste and  turns it into compost at local farms & gardens.

Our mission is to transform how Reno does waste for the benefit of people and planet.

RRR.RNR.Kyle on bike

We collect food waste from both restaurants and residences. We began in October of 2015 with just a bike and a trailer and for 9 months that did the job. Now we use a pickup truck for  our expanded (and really heavy) restaurant collection and the same bike and trailer for residential collection.

Why Compost?  Because it is amazing!  When looking for common sense solutions to environmental issues, composting of food and green waste is essential.

Compost is the foundation of healthy soil and healthy soil is the foundation for healthy people, plants, animals, & water.   Right now, almost all of Reno’s compostable waste (nearly 50% of all waste!) goes to the landfill where it helps to form toxic leachate and releases methane – a greenhouse gas much stronger than CO2.

By creating compost we build soil & reap these benefits:

  • Water retention for drought preventionfood_waste_chart
  • Filtration of runoff
  • Sequestration of CO2
  • Support of healthier local food & agriculture
  • Increase in landfill longevity

Why use a Bike?  Bikes are low-tech, low-cost, highly efficient & people-friendly.  Using bikes yields these benefits:

  • No carbon pollution from noisy trucks moving waste miles away
  • Enhanced bike culture in the city
  • More money goes to people instead of big machines
  • Healthy & meaningful employment in an eventual worker’s cooperative

The RRR also supports our local economy by developing a local business that turns a waste product into a valuable resource.



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